Vulnerability- The Ultimate Power

Hi, Salam, Namaste, Hola, Ciao, Bonjour…

Hope the world is treating you well and I know for sure it is as you are about to discover something extraordinary. This new finding of mine assuredly unleashed a miracle beyond imagination.

A few weeks ago, I was chatting to very good friend of mine, a former soldier, so humble, kind and down to earth. Kindly offered me a book he recently finished reading. Now I had only spent 30 minutes chatting with him, he instantly knew what sort of reads I was into. Well that was impressive and I was just stunned by the title of book as he eagerly handed it to me. With a big smile he said ” I know you will love this reading it”. Its the small acts of kindness that I cherish the most, I reckon they are just priceless! In that moment, I gave God a quiet whisper of appreciation.

Here I uncover you the book, which I finished in 6 days, mainly because I had work otherwise I reckon I could have finished it in 2 days.

DARING GREATLY- A book about vulnerability by Brene Brown, a professor at University of Huston Graduate College of Social work. She has spent decade studying vulnerability.


In our society today,vulnerability has been criticised as a human weakness however ‘Daring Grealty’ explores and exemplifies new ways of perceiving the concept. We humans are often forecasted with dark emotions such as sadness, grief, disappointment, anger in the tempt to disregard us from being vulnerable. What is also astonishing is that we experience vulnerability during when we crave to be loved, praised, belonged. Brown states ” vulnerability is birthplace of love, joy, courage and creativity”.

Understanding this concept clearly, will enable us to use it as strength hence we must to aim to connect with one another, uplift each other because we now know the beautiful emotions we crave after in our daily lives, are rooted within what has been taught to us as a only as a human weakness. Use this powerful theory to ultimately change your life by taking risk, getting uncomfortable, stepping out in the arena. As you do this, you experience wave of great vulnerability but deep inside you know it is here where you add significant purpose and value to your life and the life of others around you.

So, go out there, talk openly about the power of vulnerability, control it rather than giving it permission to control you, use it as your strength rather than weakness. Then take step back, become your own spectator and watch your life outside of the arena, see it transform into something beautiful.

I highly recommend the book so make sure you get your hands on them next time your in book shop.

Much Love

Kbora Ali