‘First of her kind, the first Afghan female Australian Soldier, Private Ali’

[1612] Kbora Ali

Kbora Ali- Photo Credit: Nick Cubbin Australian Women’s Weekly

The above words may have triggered an instant recognition before I have even introduced myself. I am the girl behind the recent media story, herself.

I have established this platform aimed to share my perspective in delight to communicate with you and the approximate 56k people who have watched, read, liked, commented and shared my story.  I want to reach out to each and everyone of you for supporting me on my journey in the past fews years on Facebook and Instagram, sending everyone a massive thank you for your ongoing encouragement, it certainly has touched my heart hence I am so blessed and thankful for everyone of you. Ever since my story has been featured on SBS Word News, Australian Women’s Weekly,The Feed, Behind the News, lots of people have approached me in person and through my social media asking me questions, advice, inspiration, motivation and simply get to know me on personal level. I finally found time between travelling, work and TV interviews to create ‘Perspective’ a personal blog where I present you the real me beyond media. This is the chance for all my followers to connect with me on daily basis, get to know me more on personal level, ask me questions, get their answers and create community of love and support for one another.

So add my blog to your favourites, follow me on Facebook and Instagram so I know your not missing out on my recent blog posts. For now head to More of Me for a long read, where I reveal the untold.

With great respect and love, I welcome you once again to explore my ‘Perspective’ 

Stay blessed

Kbora Ali